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Defsafe is a cybersecurity system with three AI-driven solutions

Safeguard your business and clients with DefSafe's cybersecurity suite. Our product offers staff training and testing, comprehensive system scanning, and compliance tools to keep you secure.

Our security modules are designed to help your business stay secure

Three AI Assistants, three pillars of cybersecurity.
Nova trains your staff, Iris scans your systems, and Xen keeps you compliant.

Nova AI AssistantNova AI Cybersecurity Trainer
Training Module

Training Beyond Awareness

Elevate your team's cybersecurity knowledge with our training modules. From diverse topics to practical assessments and certifications, we can help not only your employees to defend from cyber attacks, but also educate developers, managers, marketers and executives on the most up to date cybersecurity topics and strategies.

  • Created with AI, reviewed and approved by experts
  • Always up to date, latest threats covered
  • 90+ Courses and Badges to Earn
  • Reminders, user testing and record-keeping
  • Proprietary + Open Source Tech
Iris AI AssistantIris AI Cybersecurity Sentinel
Scanners Module

Automated AI Scanning

Improve your website's security and performance with our advanced scanning modules. Our scanners are designed to efficiently detect vulnerabilities and suggest remedies.

  • Scan on Demand
  • Constant Reporting, never lose track of your security status
  • Executive / Board Presentation Reports & Metrics
  • Proprietary + Open Source Tech
Xen AI AssistantXen AI Compliance Assistant
Compliance Module

Compliance made Easy

Build comprehensive policies and stay up to date with regulatory requirements with Xen, our AI Compliance assistant. Wheverer in the world you're located or the size of your business, Xen can help you reach the next level.

  • Downloadable Documentation Templates
  • Step-by-Step Compliance Guides
  • Cyber Insurance Policy Recommendations
  • Compliance Reminders and Alerts

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We are dedicated to strengthening your security posture with quantifiable results and comprehensive protection.


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